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In the AIDA-Branch Währingerstraße 49, in the Café Prückel and Café Sperl all in Vienna as well as at a sausage kiosk in St Pölten the existing plates and cups have been replaced by porcelain made plastic-mugs, coffee-dispensercups and cardboard-plates. The guests of the coffee-shops and the sausage kiosk have been served with these new mugs and plates. The service was proceeding as usual, as well as the selling-activity of the sausage kiosk owner. A hidden camera took up their reactions.

Concept/Idea with Angelo Stagno
Camera: Kurt Van der Vloedt, Matthias Widter
Production: RAUMFILM 2002


11.03.2003, 20.00-24.00 h, MAK Stubenring 5, Wien 1

A space-intervention together with ohne . (Angelo Stagno, Roman Breier)

An AIDA-Branch has been established in the entrancehall of the MAK - Museum of Applied Arts of Vienna. Guests have been served with porcelain made coffee-dispensercups and cardboard plates. Video-documentations showing the new porcelain in coffee-shops and at a sausage kiosk are completing the installation. In addition the Set-editions of the new porcelain in combination with AIDA-products and gadgets were offered for sale.

Publications / Exhibitions

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Der Standard, Rondo, product of the week, 25. November 2005
Designwettbewerb, Wiener Wasserkrug, catalog, Gemeinde Wien 2005
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Der Standard, Rondo (title page), 21. Dezember 2001
Der Falter, Wiener Stadtzeitung, Stadtmensch, Nr 49/01, 7.-13.12.2001


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